Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week in Thoughts

He has been a great friend.  I'm so glad we met in college. On Dan Weiss while writing him a note for his 35th Birthday.

What is the culture of our Student Ministries right now? While be challenged by a godly member of the NMC family at our staff meeting.

The culture we create will make or break this one.  While working with a think-tank on a significant move we are looking to make with NMC Student Ministries.

It's so good to have her back.  Wednesday when Janelle (my wife just in case you didn't know) rejoined our administrative team one day a week.

This one's all you God.  On Wednesday Night as we had a flooded alter at the close of our Senior High gathering.

I'm really ticked.  My grace bank is depleted on this one.  On Wednesday Night when a gal came up to me to let me know her Droid X phone was stolen from her seat while she was  at the alter.  (Glad to report she got it back the next day).

I would be okay if the Colts could draft Kellen Moore next year.  He could sit under Peyton Manning for 3-4 more years then take the reins. Tonight as I watch the Boise State Broncos against Toledo.

I have one amazing family.  Thank you God.  Thursday while getting our family pictures taken.

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