Monday, October 17, 2011

A Month Without a Post

Yes, it's been one month with no blog posts.
No, I'm not done blogging.

I once heard a story (probably apocryphal) of the 19th century Native American leader who was being brought to Washington to meet the President. With his handlers, he endured the noise and dirt of a ride on the iron horse. They stuffed him into a carriage, hustled him to the White House steps. At which point, the indigenous leader sat down and refused to move. “You have to hurry,” shouted the handlers. “The biggest chief in America is waiting to meet you!” Said the Native American leader, “Your chief will have to wait. Right now I must wait here to give my soul time to catch up with my body.”

As I've processed through:
  • The major activity of the Summer .
  • The adoption of our son.
  • The significant, humbling, yet appreciated attention these activities brought to us publically.
I realized I just needed to step back and let "the soul behind my writing" catch up with my blogging.
The break is fairly open-ended.  I'm not quite there yet, but believe very soon I will be back with some thoughts, rants, reviews and ideas.

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