Monday, April 02, 2012

A Day With Babies

Today was spent at the Baby Center.  It was fantastic!  I truly believe that today, it just got personal for many on our team.
They have heard the story of the the Baby Center.  They have seen pictures and know names.  Many of them have prayed and given financially to support the ministry.

But today...
Skin touched skin.
Eye met eye.
Heart connected to little souls.

To add to the experience, our team was able to hear several of the heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of the babies who have come through the doors of this place.

And as it's gotten personal, I believe the entire team will walk away living differently because of today. 

We also began construction on beds for the toddler room today.  They are hoping for us to get 4 done. We have 4 ready to be stained at the close of the day.  We are hoping to get 10 done before we leave.

Be in prayer as God is doing some powerful and refining stuff in our midst.  We do have several battling the classic travel bugs and a little sunburn.  Nothing that is making anybody completely incapacitated, but be in prayer for health.


Sue said...

Precious, may they all feel the touch of Jesus, as they reach out to these babies. PRAYING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give those babies a big hug from me! P Dave