Sunday, April 01, 2012

Worship in Kenya

We were up and eating breakfast at 6:30 this morning.
I, along with Ben and Rose went to the Ngata AGC church where I preached in their two services and they shared testimonies.
The rest of the team headed to Salgaa to Rehema Church to help in the Children's Extravaganza there.
My Crew finished up with service at 12:30 p.m. and met up at Rehema Church where the service was still going!!!  The kids of Rehema Church put on a fantastic program.  Caiti and Katherine shared their testimonies.  Chris led in several songs, including one in Swahili.  We all joined the kids in their final dance.
It was nearly a 4 hour service all said and done. Some got a little toasty, but all in all it was a fantastic time worshiping together with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As an added bonus, we were able to meet with the youth of Rehema Church.  It was the first time they were meeting together as there is a new Assistant Pastor at the church who will be starting a youth program.  Savannah and Lindsay shared their story.  Jamie gave them a great challenge on not letting their fears control them.  I took a moment to encourage them on the value of meeting together and seeking after Christ as a group.  One of our prayers out of this, I believe will be for a continued gathering of the youth from around the Salgaa area.

We returned to the Baby Center around 4:00 p.m... wiped out but appreciating our day.  Some are down with the babies right now.  Others are cleaning up from our "lupper" (lunch/Supper combo).

Be proud of your students.  They are diving in.  They are representing NMC well.  They are open to God's move in their hearts.

Tomorrow is a full day at the Baby Center.  Lots of baby time.  Lot's of opportunity to allow God to break their hearts and encourage their hearts at the same time.

*Sorry for no pictures from today.  Maybe some tomorrow!

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Geoff Cocanower said...

LOVE IT! Praying for your hearts and minds to be focused on His voice and that His voice will speak clearly and definitively!