Friday, September 07, 2012

Life v. Blogging

The truth is that the past 400 days have been a blur.  From bringing Moses home to major staffing switches inside the Student Ministries world at NMC to the surprise news of Janelle getting pregnant to a house move to the birth of Keiralee to even more switches inside Student Ministries staffing...

Well, blogging hasn't just taken a back seat, it was actually kicked out of the car at about 120 mph.

I miss it.  I'm looking to re-enter the world, but I almost feel like I'm trying to restart a relationship with someone that I dumped with little warning.  It's awkward to try to build the relationship back up.

We're starting up again.  The conversation may be a little more shallow to start.  We won't be getting into too much family business or the real personal stuff.

We'll stick to hanging out on the front porch to start.  In time, we hope to move into the living room, and maybe on to the kitchen table together.  So, we're back (maybe).

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