Monday, June 17, 2013

A Drive Through the Midwest

We loaded up the van after church yesterday, drove to Des Moines, IA where we crashed for the night, then finished up our Drive to Timber Lakes Camp this morning.  A few thoughts and impressions from our trip...

  • Road trips w/ 3 kids can have recreational times, but are hardly recreational.
  • I value my GPS, but the one thing the drives me nuts is the arrival time.  Basically, it''s just siting there mocking me, saying, " Hey, this is the time you could make it if you had an iron bladder, no appetite, and a bottomless gas tank."
  • This world is built for a family of 4. Restaurant tables and hotel rooms drive this fact home.
  • Illinois and the 1st half of Iowa are flat, but the rolling hills on the second half are beautiful.
  • Janelle and I have decided you can "feel" the direction you are driving in, and we're not sure how.
We're kicking off this Camp tonight. About 100 Middle and High School students from Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas being challenged to unashamedly say with both their words and lives in the coming school year, "My name is ___________, and I love Jesus!"

If you happen to be reading this and would be willing, shout up a little prayer for me that God will guide, bless and empower my words this week... that He will grant me keen insight to the move of His Spirit... that he would bless the bits of down time with my family.

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