Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's About To Get all Active Up in Here.

The Schedule for the next 6 weeks:

June 16 - Depart for Williamsburg, KA
June 17-21 - Timber Lakes Youth Camp (speaking)
June 22 - Return Home
June 23-July 6 - Home, get ready for NMC Student Ministries Camp, celebrate Moses and Keiralee's Birthdays.
July 7 - ONE Service. Depart for NMC Camp.
July 8-11 - NMC Middle School Camp.
July 12-16 - NMC High School Camp.
July 17-20 - Home
July 21-24 - Mancelona Camp (Speaking)
July 25-28 - Family time in Ludington
July 29-31 - NMC 4th/5th (Surge) Camp

While doing all this we have 102 Middle and High School students taking part in our SOS, ChicaGO SEMP and IMPACT trips that my teammates are leading.  During this time I'll be blogging about experiences, highlights and impressions.  It will be more my thoughts than it will be about reporting all that is happening.
For updates on the NMC Student Ministries Trips happenings, check out

Here we go!

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