Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Bunch of 5s for 2013

Disclaimer that is from important yet is, nonetheless, a disclaimer:
These are not ranked, nor are they necessarily the top 5 in each category.  They are more of a stream of conscious list than anything.

1. Saving Mr. Banks
2. Catching Fire
3. Frozen
4. Iron Man 3
5. Star Trek: Into Darkness

1.  Build Your Kingdom:  Rend Collective Experiment
2.  Burning In My Soul: Brent Yonker (Passion)
3.  Oceans: Hillsong United
4.  The Cost: Rend Collective
5.  Captured:  Digital Age

Albums (ones I listened to, not necessarily released in 2013):
1. Songs of the Unashamed by Connection Band
2. Campfire by Rend Collective Experiment
3. Evening: Morning by Digital Age
4. Zion by Hillsong United
5. Homemade Worship by Handmade People by Rend Collective Experiment

TV Shows:
1. The Goldbergs
2. Once Upon A Time
3. Walking Dead
4. Pardon the Interruption
5. Duck Dynasty

1. King by Steven James
2. Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Brad Griffin
3. Dangerous by Caleb Bislow
4. Opening Moves by Steven James
5. Bible

1. Daytona then then Disney with the In-Laws in February.
2. Disney in November
3. Middle and High School Camp Vermilion, OH early July
4. Ludington, MI end of July
5. Timber Lakes Youth Camp early June

Family Moments:
1.  Watching Mary Poppins with the kids.
2.  Dancing in the theater after Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 2
3.  Dancing to Osborne Lights at Disney
4.  Mornings all together on the bed.
5.  Swimming together at Aunt Joann's, Beulah Beach, Animal Kingdom Kidani, Sheraton Vistana, Lake Michigan, and Daytona Beach.

1. Brad Hollar's Death.
2. Constant exhaustion
3. Seeing multiple students crash and burn spiritually.
4.  Janette Jones leaving NMC.
5.  Seeing anger issues in my life that I've never had before.

Katylynn Moments:
1.  1st Day of Kindergarten.
2.  Memorizing Joshua 1:9.
3.  Going on Roller Coasters for the first time.
4.  When she reads to me.
5.  When she prays for me.

Moses Moments:
1. 1st Day of Preschool.
2.  Inquisitive Questions (ex. Daddy, why am I black?)
3.  Going early to church with me.
4.  Jumping off the diving board.
5.  Picking out his Woody Doll at Disney.

Keiralee Moments:
1. First Steps.
2. Running to my arms when I walk into work.
3. Reading Books.
4. Screaming and dancing when she sees Minnie.
5.  Cheering at the end of most songs.

Janelle Moments:
1. Date Nights.
2. Sharing her Life Hurts/ God Heals story with High School.
3. Date Day to Universal Studios.
4. Weight loss.
5. Waking up every morning next to her.

Ministry Moments:
1. Bringing Colin Urbanick and Tim Veenstra onto the team.
2. The move to 6th Grade transitioning slowly into Middle School Ministry.
3. Sunday Morning High School Programming change to "The Word."
4. Speaking at 4 Summer Camps (Timber Lakes, Mancelona and our Student Ministries Camps)
5. Multiple College visits to see how graduates are doing.

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