Thursday, January 02, 2014

NFL Predictions... How did I do?

In one of my 14 posts for 2013, I made some NFL Predictions:
Let's see how I did:

North: Packers (Champs) - RIGHT
and Vikings (Wildcard) - WRONG
West: Seahawks (Champs) - RIGHT
and 49ers (Wildcard) - RIGHT
East: Redskins - WRONG
South: Saints - WRONG, but in Playoffs

NFC Champ:  Seahawks over Saints - STILL POSSIBLE

North:Steelers (Champs) - WRONG
and Ravens (Wildcard) - WRONG
West: Broncos - RIGHT
East: Patriots - RIGHT
South: Colts (Champs) - RIGHT
and Texans (Wildcard) - WRONG

AFC Champ:  Broncos over Ind - STILL POSSIBLE

Super Bowl:  Broncos over Seahawks - STILL POSSIBLE

 So at worst 50% or a little better depending on how you evaluate it.

If I were to start clean and make predictions, I would still stick with a Denver/Seattle Super Bowl, but would likely put Packers against the Seahawks and Patriots against the Broncos.

As a Colts fan, I'd be disappointed with a Wildcard loss, happy with one win, ecstatic with an AFC Championship appearance, blown away with a Super Bowl bid, and looking for the coming apocalypse with a Super Bowl win.

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