Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Apps and iWorld

i am a late iDevice adapter.
Became a iPad owner 18 months ago.
Became an iPhone owner 3 months ago.

App world is still fairly new to me.  If I were to rank my most frequently used non-social media apps, they would be the following:

 Candy Crush Saga:  I'm not addicted... I could stop any time...   

Bible (youversion):  Somewhat convicting to type this, but I still mainly read out of my paper bible.


Kindle:  This is the app that has been slowly converting me to screen reading over paper reading. 

Weather Channel: So easy to pull up and see the forecast as well as look at some of my favorites and wish I was there in January.

Deer Hunter 2014:  I've never hunted in my life... until I downloaded this app.

Google Maps:  Still like Google maps more than any other app.  I didn't use this one until I got the iPhone and an actual data plan.

WDW Lines:  Don't use this one as regularly but I basically lived on it while were at Disney.  User reported wait times, optimizable touring plans, crowd calendars, all around awesomeness.

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