Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Compassion Into Action

UPDATE:  Katylynn was blown away this morning as we shared with her that she has been able to raise $320+ (some have given directly to her rather than online) for St. Jude's.  She spent time yesterday cleaning up our basement and even got her little brother to join in as he agreed it would be great to help kids who aren't feeling well.  THANK YOU to those who have jumped in!

I'm not a huge fan of fundraisers.  However, I AM a huge fan of causes worth supporting and people giving toward that cause.

Last Tuesday night, on the way home from a meeting at the church, Katylynn informed me that she had something "very serious" she wanted to talk to me about.  She had already had a similar conversation with Janelle.  She explained to me... well, why don't you watch the video to see what she explained to me:

As I heard my little Kindergartner explain this on the drive home, it was clear that her heart hurt over the fact that there were sick kids who need help.  It was also clear that she wanted to do her part to help.

The concept is simple.  Katylynn will be working on a Math workbook.  Your gift(s) to St. Jude's are in honor of her efforts.  It is a lump donation.

A few things to pass on.
  1. The next morning after we talked about her desire to help, she brought down her wallet where she keeps her loose change.  She counted out her $2.32 and decided that she would like to give the 32 cents to help St. Jude's.
  2. She asked me if she could do work around the house to get some money to give to St. Jude's.  As she does the math she will also be cleaning up in our basement and helping with dishes and other chores where she will be earning money to give.
  3. I asked her if she'd like to record this video to see if others will help her.  She was obviously very willing.
  4. There are prizes to those who raise funds.  Only once in our many conversations about this has Katylynn mentioned the prizes.
  5. Although not mentioned in the video, this has been a great teachable moment on the heart of Christ to help those in need, and she grasps that as she helps here, she is helping Jesus as she helps those who are sick.
In the end, I'm excited to see a daughter who was moved with compassion and is willing to put that compassion into action!

If you would like to partner with Katylynn, go to http://mathathon.stjude.org/katylynn and donate.

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