Thursday, January 09, 2014

TBT - Old Post with New Thoughts

If you aren't on Instagram or Twitter, you may be unfamiliar with TBT, or Throw Back Thursday.  Basically, people pictures from their past and label it #TBT.  For instance, I would post a picture like this:

"That's me, bottom row, 3rd from the left.  #TBT"

But, I'm not going to do that with this post.

Instead, I'm thinking I'm going to try something on Thursdays as I try to get back on the old blogging bicycle.

TBT here is going to be when I look back on a previous post from years past and respond with an update.

For Example, on January 22, 2009 I posted "3 About Me" where I responded to Steve Gall's post on his now dead blog with multiple categories where I gave 3 answers to multiple categories.

Here's my responses in 2009 (in blue) and my 2013 response (in white)

Three jobs I have had in my life: 
Lifegaurd at Nappanee Public "pee" pool (that's what we called it), Gym Monitor at Bethel College, Delivery boy of "The Paper" for downtown Wakarusa. 
Landscaper for Hayseed Landscaping, host of *conVERGE webshow on Remedylive,  Student Ministries Pastor at Nappanee Missionary Church.

Three movies I would watch over and over: 
Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Italian Job, Dumb and Dumber 
Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Indiana Jones quadrilogy, Elf

Three shows that I watch:
LOST, Chuck, Around the Horn. 
Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time

Three places I have been: 
Jerusalem, Amazon Jungle, Etna Green. 
Uganda, Kenya, DRC

Three of my favorite foods: 
Spaghetti, Steak, Ice Cream 
Spaghetti, Steak, Ice Cream

Three places I'd rather be right now: 
Disney World, In a Hot Tub, In bed. 
Disney World, Summer, Inda

Three friends I think will respond by posting this on their blog:
I don't know of any friends who are still actively blogging.

Three things I am looking forward to this year: 
Summer Camp, Anniversary trip with my wife, that thing that I don't know about right now that will likely end up being a huge highlight. 
Summer Camp, Family trip to Ludington, watching the kids grow and learn.

Three jobs I would love to have: 
Professional Traveler, Disney Imagineer, the one I have right now.
 Author, Disney Podcast Host, current job.

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