Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Middle School Camp Day 1: Some Thoughts

As I wind down from day 1 of NMC Student Ministries Middle School Camp 2014, here are some of the random thoughts running through my head...
  • As I stood on the stage and looked out at 170+ Middle School students and our 50 leaders and staff, a thought crossed my mind... if they really wanted to, these students could take us.  The problem wasn't so much the thought as the fact that I actually shared it with the campers.  I'm praying they aren't secretly strategizing in their cabins as their leaders sleep.
  • I'm consistently blown away by the adult volunteers willing to give of their time (many use their work vacation time) to come and dive in as Cottage Group leaders.
  • The power of "group think" among Middle Schoolers is amazing.  When harnessed for good it can be fun.  When harnessed toward God it can be potent.
  • Speaking of potent, today is the best smelling day of Middle School Camp.
  • Chris Lehane and Colin Urbanick are two amazing Middle School Pastors.  Most churches would love to have just one of them investing in their students.  I get to work alongside both of them.
  • One of my favorite things to observe are former NMC students who have benefited from Summer Camps return as leaders to invest in Summer Camps.  There are a TON of such leaders at this camp.  That's 2 Timothy 2:2 in action!
  • My wife is simply amazing.  She is the unsung hero on so many levels of things tied to Summer Camp.
  • This is my 16th consecutive year with a Summer visit to Beulah Beach with and NMC group.  Every year God has met with us in special and unique ways.
  • As I stood on stage and looked out at 170+ Middle School students and our 50 leaders and staff, another thought crossed my mind... Wow, God. There is a ton of potential here.  

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