Thursday, August 14, 2014

Leadership Summit: Opening Session - Bill Hybels

My stream of conscious highlights from 2014 Willow Creek Leadership Summit

Key value of Summit - Humility.
  • "Armed with enough humility, pastors can learn from business leaders and business leaders can learn from pastors... at Summit, it's all about the learning."
  • Hybels respectful evangelistic heart in the midst of this experience always strikes me.
  • "Hard Leadership Lessons."
  • T or F:  All leadership is intensely spiritual. (T)
  • By definition... leaders are visionary, but team morale can slip when 
  • Leaders with the highest level of vision and passion have the lowest level of awareness of the team's passion. Begins to think of his/her team "They just don't care."  Not necessarily true.
  • A tough moment for Bill... reading a staff review and one staff member said, "I love this church, but I feel like a grunt."
  • Dang it Bill, why you gotta get so in my grill and challenge me right away.
  • 5 key steps taken to build a better organization
    1. Hired outside firm.
    2. Staff fully engaged the culture.
    3. Get real serious about training people on staff who manage people. 
      • People join organizations.  They leave managers.
    4. Raise the level of candor in performance reviews.
      •  Three words:  START, STOP, CONTINUE. 
      •  With Stop...In leading people MOVE people ahead. MODIFY what isn't working. MOTIVATE people before leaving.
      • Key word in performance review, specificity
    5.  Ruthless commitment to resolve conflict regardless of how scary it feels.
      • Resource Recommendation Reconcile:  John Lederach
      • Bill, "Every time I drive onto this campus, my heartrate increases a beat or two.  I LOVE WHAT I DO."
  • T OR F:  Relentless leadership development o is a crucial part of a leader.
  • Of course true, but the rub is in "How."
    1. Give them a tough job.
    2. Assign poeple short term task force roles.
    3. Provide coaching and mentoring
    4. Classes
    5. Some other that I didn't catch.
  • Bill's dad's parenting technique.  FIGURE IT OUT.  DON'T CALL ME.
  • Big idea 3.  Develop leaders with a leadership legacy mindset.
  • Organizations cannot be healthily built on hirelings with short-term mindset.
  • Be a legacy leader.  Working for the grander vision.
  • Legacy Leader example:  Nelson Mandela.
  • We only get 1 shot at this thing called life.  Maybe the most profound thing said.a
  • "What are you going to do with your 'dash'?"  -In reference to the "-" between the year of your birth and your death.
  • Big deal 4:  Endurance.
  • General rule:  The grander the vision, the greater the price tag.
  • It's hard to hear God at Mach 2.
  • Are you exhausted, discourage, and on the brink of lost hope?  Call for help!

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