Friday, August 15, 2014

Leadership Summit: Session 5b - Erica Ariel Fox

Closing your performance gap:
  • Look at yourself in a new way... "I am plural."  
    • Brain scans show us as more like an orchestra than a soloist.
    • Look at them as inner negotiators.
      • The Dreamer (Your inner CEO)... Creates Possibilities, Sets strategic vision, senses a path forward and gives direction.
      • The Thinker (Your Inner CFO)... Clarifies Perspectives, Analyzes data, Manages risk and considers consequences
      • The Lover (Your Inner VP of HR)... Cares about people, Feels emotions, manages relationships and colaborates with others.
      • The Warrior (Your Inner COO)... Catalyzes Performance, Takes action, reaches goals and speaks hard truth.
  • For the developing the Dreamer, do I continue to push toward the dream or do I stop and ask, What is the "dream beneath the dream?"
  • For developing the Thinker,  Learn how to create a compelling evidence argument for your case.
  • For developing the Lover, consider how to care about people as the end to itself rather than the means to an end.  Call the name and face of someone you love into your heart before having to step into a tough situation.
  • For developing the Warrior,  Find a place where you are saying yes today, but tomorrow need to say, "Thanks, but no."

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