Wednesday, October 08, 2014

38 Reflections For 38 Years

On this  the eve of the 38th anniversary of my entrance into the world, here are 38 thoughts, opinions, reflections, or memories from the time tread on this Earth:
1. When coming up to multiple choices of lines, always go left.
2. There are two types of people in this world... Those who love country music and the rest of us.
3. The two most overrated events in my High School career were commencement and prom. 
4. Until I'm content that I'm complete In my relationship with Christ, all other relationships are a hopeless attempt to fill that void.
5. I am a product of some amazing heritage on both sides of my extended family.  If you see something of deep character In me, it likely has something to do with the Prenkerts and Wislers.
6. I thought I had parenting all figured out... then I became one.
7. If you are wanting to go into youth ministry for the long haul, you have to be ready to do more than just spend time with teens.
8.  There is nobody on this earth that has a sweeter jump shot than my oldest brother.
9.  U2 has been and always will be the greatest musical influence on my life. 
10. In the first month after his death, not an hour would go by without me thinking about my dad. For the first year, not a day.  In the years following, it was sometimes a week, but never more.  I thought of him three times today and all three involved my kids.
11.  I am not a big spender, but I'd be willing to go into debt for the sake of a family vacation.
12. I have less faith in politics solving world issues than I do in getting a meal at the Nappanee KFC/TacoBell drivethru in under 10 minutes on a Sunday.
13. I've been in a lot of dark places, but nothing has rocked me to the core to the level of the genocide memorials of Rwanda were I stared at tens of thousands of skulls of victims in a completely senseless "war."
14. I believe Jesus is more than a church answer.
15. Soemtimes, people need to just shut up on social media.... And I am a member of "people."
16. Instead of being offended by sin, I want to be provoked to do something.
17.  My salvation was not merely meant for myself.
18.  Adoption is the most beautiful, most mysterious, most confusing, most faith-building, most frustrating, most rewarding process I have ever walked through.
19.  Every year I want to look back and say, "I wish I would have spent more time at work" over saying,  "I wish I had spent more time with my family."   I can't say I've succeeded, but I can say I'm striving.
20.  Sometimes we have to say no to the good things in order to say yes to the God things.
21. Seinfeld is the one show I could watch episodes over and over again and not be bored.
22.  Christians need to stop expecting nonChristians to act like Christians, but should start holding other Christians accountable to live more like Christ.
23.  I am blessed to call NMC my church.
24. I'm even more blessed to call Janelle my wife.
25. Disneyworld and Ludington, Michigan are two places that immediately make me think of and value my family.
26.  Terry Bley looked at me as a scrawny 7th grader and saw something. Because of this, I'm constantly asking,"Who do I see something in?"
27. I consider the Kids in Need initiative to be the most significant ministry accomplishment I have been a part of. 
28.  Whenever I hear someone talk up a former NMC student or intern, I light up inside like a proud Dad.
29. There's times Moses looks up at me and smiles, and I'm completely blown away by the transforming power of a loving mom and dad.  If you only knew...
30.  Absent, aloof and stoic Dads will set their daughters up to struggle with their identity during their teen years.
31. The Pizza Puff may be the most valuable thing the convenience store has offered the world (or maybe the Slurpee).
32.  The more I think I know, the less I know I know.
33. There is always room for ice cream.
34. If you're having trouble sleeping,  close your eyes and try to name every NFL starting Quarterback... Works every time for me. 
35.  "Busy" may be the most relative concept and lamest excuses in the world. 
36.  If you have the hiccups, try to swallow three times while holding your breath.
37.  Life is a series of events that prepare you for the next event.
38.  Jesus. Simply Jesus.


Unknown said...

25Thank you for being a Godly husband, dad, and son, as well as an encourager and mentor for many.
Happy birthday.

D said...

9. U2 has been and always will be the greatest musical influence on my life (behind Five Iron Frenzy, of course).