Friday, October 29, 2010

My New Favorite Song

My mind and heart has been in Uganda a lot lately.  Since our 2nd child received a gender, a face, and a name, I long to get him home with us.

Last week, my friend Corey gave me a great opportunity to attend The Story of Your Life Tour with Jonny Diaz, Josh Wilson and Matthew West.  The main reason Corey asked me to come was because of a song on Matthew's New Album, The Story of Your Life.  Matthew asked fans to send him their life stories.  He received 10,000.  He went to a cabin for two months, and out of the stories came up with 11 songs inspired by the stories.

One of the stories was about an international adoption.  As Matthew shared the story and then the song, a smile came on my face and tears had to be held back, because it hit the heart of the "One Life at A Time" theme that ties to our little guy joining our family.  Enjoy the tune, and go out and buy the album.  I recommend the deluxe version with the videos explaining the story behind each song.

The story behind the song:

One Less by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo.

The song:

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Kyle said...

Thanks for sharing this Derry. I'm so excited to follow this, yet another incredible journey of God's redemption power through us his people.