Wednesday, December 08, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 8 - I had to Point it out Sometime

When it comes to finding moments and things of beauty, my is quick to jump to three categories:
  • Weather ("It was a beautiful day today")
  • Nature ("Such a beautiful beach/mountain/landscape")
  • Art/Photography ("It was a beautiful picture/piece")
So, since a part of this journey for me is to work on my definition of beautiful, I decided to stay away from these three categories for the first week.  As I walked outside yesterday morning, I could no longer avoid it.

The snow can get cold and old after a month or two, but it's still a beautiful thing.  Walking out yesterday morning the landscape was untouched on my cultivated except for a couple vague tire tracks.  It was a great snow covering to... light and fluffy.

To add to the beauty, as I pulled in last night, my headlights scanned across my front yard to reveal the damage that only be accomplished by a 3 year old hopped up on the adrenaline of her first romp in the snow for this year.  Janelle snapped a few pics of her fun.

So, one day after the first week of this, journey, I experienced the beauty trifecta of those categories I sought to avoid early.

A beautiful Snow.
A beautiful scene of nature on account of that snow.
Some beautiful pictures.

As I seek to work on my definition of beautiful, I guess I can't avoid that which I already know is beautiful!

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Big Trent said...

Just wanted to say:
I love you, man.