Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Beauty Rejects - Football Blowout

Here's a little side series that may pop up with the 60 Days of Beauty Project.  Every once in a while I may run into a moment of beauty that just doesn't make the cut to be my choice for that day, but I still feel obliged to mention. 
Here's my first installment of Beauty Rejects:

Any blog reader or anybody with a basic knowledge of DCP knows I'm a die hard Colts fan.  By default this means I am a diehard Patriots enemy.  At the same time, there are few coaching styles in all sports that make my stomach churn more than Mr. Rex Ryan.  His style of coaching embodies so much of what I dislike in the sports world.

Therefore, I was tempted to mention that the Jets being clobbered on Monday Night had an element of beauty in my eyes... but I decided I probably shouldn't share that on my blog...


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