Thursday, December 09, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 9a - Rockin' Robin

Lame title and confusing title, I know.  Yesterday's moment of beauty was all set in my mind, then several events happened making the decision to pick a single moment problematic.  Going back to my original post outlining this series, I saw that I'm clearly in bounds to chose more than one moment in a day...
(from the original post)
I am going to look for at least one time where I am able to say, "That is a thing of beauty" for 60 straight days..."
So, there will be several posts recounting yesterdays moments of beauty.

The first moment came through a Tweet (a post on Twitter) from my wife last night:
May I always love and care for the orphans and the "throw aways" of the world. God equip my heart to love more. In my fear, YOUR LOVE REIGN.
A beautifully stated thought by the most beautiful woman I know.

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