Saturday, April 30, 2011

Preparing to Head Home

Tonight we will make our journey back to the United States.  As we do, we head out with anticipation as well as uncertainty.  Anticipation that we are now one significant step closer to bringing our boy home.  Anticipation in that we know we will soon be returning to this country for the final details to bring him home.  Uncertainty in that we do not know the date for sure.  Uncertainty that yesterday's events (riots) in this country have the potential for escalation that may hinder the process.

Ultimately, we head out trusting the One who has guided and provided in every step of the process thus far. 

As we fly out tonight, please be in prayer for Janelle.  She got pretty sick last night and will be making the trek at well below 100%.  Pray for a calm stomach, no headaches/dizziness, and gentle rest as we fly!

Thank you to all who have been following along and praying.  If you are interested in more details (names, pictures, etc) we may be able to post some soon.  If not, I will be working on a way to make this blog private so we can allow those interested to see more detail without too many being able to view.

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