Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Here's an Awesome Dad!

One goal I have is to consistently have my kids call me a two syllable name.  When young, I want to hear "Daddy".   When they get into adolescence and the teen years I want to see Dad become a two syllable word.  I had them.  It was those times where my dad would do something incredibly goofy or embarrassing in an effort to get me laughing.  I would look at him and say "Da-ad."  I'm not talking about making your kids feel ashamed of you.  I'm talking about those moments where, as marko says, they may be saying, "Dad, you're such a dork," they are really saying, "Dad, I love you."

Well Dave Price is my hero.  I've seen the story in multiple spots, but basically Dale caught on that his 15 year old son Rain's bus route would run back by his house after he boarded.  So, what does any caring stay-at-home Dad do?  He decides to come up with 170 different outfits to where for each day of school, stand outside as his son passes on a bus full of peers, and wave.  For example:

Check out (blog done by Dale's wife) for a post on each day.  This video shows every day of pictures as well:

If you're a dad reading this, may you find ways that you can be a fool for your kids that makes memories and reminds them that they are loved!

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Brian said...

That is so awesome. It is often the small little things our parents did that we remember. I'm sure this will be a lifelong memory for his son, something so simple and fun.

Stuart said...

Absolutely agreed.

I always strive to have my fast growing children call me "Da-ad".

This chap is an inspiration to us all :)